Hither & Thither – Paris Travelogue, Flite Review and Flite Giveaway! (Ends 9/16/13)

September 12th, 2013



Bumbleride Giveaway

You might recall, we tried out a new stroller—the Bumbleride Flitein Paris, and left our own (a Bugaboo Bee) at home. As much as I love our Bee, I’d always been curious about umbrella strollers—especially for cities where one might be using a lot of public transportation—and Bumbleride got in touch to see if we wanted to give the Flite, their most lightweight and travel-ready stroller, a spin.

I was immediately impressed. Because I have to admit, I love our Bee and think it’s pretty darn awesome (newborn to toddler, lightweight and compact, long and extendable handles, yada yada), and I couldn’t help but compare the two non-stop. But it’s an expensive stroller—nearly $700 before you’ve even bought the carseat adapter or added in extras like a cupholder. So when I found that the Flite, which costs $270 and includes the carseat adapter and cup holder, boasted many of the same features I had sought in the Bee, I was pleasantly surprised!

Here are some key stats about the Bumbleride Flite, in case you’re interested.

Weight: 14 lbs
Capacity: 50 lbs (which I found was 50th percentile roughly around 6 years, even if it’s highly unlikely you’ll use a stroller at that age)
Seat dimensions: 12′ wide, with a backrest height of 20″ but a seat to canopy range of 25″ (which is quite tall!)


  • Lightweight, especially for such a feature-driven travel stroller (3lbs less than the comparable Maclaren Techno XT and 4lbs less than the Bugaboo Bee)
  • Tall handle bars—40″ from ground—slope back at a steep angle for long strides. (Aron is 6’8″ and could push it fairly comfortably.)
  • Deep recline.
  • Universal carseat adapter included (along with raincover and upholder). Be sure to check website for your infant carseat, however.
  • Collapses easily with automatic lock and has an attached side handle and an attachable shoulder strap for carrying on-the-go.
  • Lockable front and back wheels.
  • Attractive color choices, with a sturdy SPF 45 canopy. Includes a peek-window.
  • Good price point, especially when compared to other strollers with such a wide age range. (Newborn to four or five?)


  • Strap-recline rather than levers. Fine once you get used to it, but we found it a bit harder to get as tight and upright  with the strap.
  • Shallow basket (which could also be made of stronger mesh).  You’ll notice we’re usually using a backpack with the stroller; we could only usually fit our Ergo and a few other small items (a jacket or bottle of milk) in the basket—but I do believe this is fairly typical of umbrella strollers.
  • 5-point harness has a breakaway feature—which is intended to be a pro to prevent entanglements or to allow for 3-point use with older children, but we found this a bit cumbersome at times.

Hudson is at the age now where he’d generally prefer to walk (or, as you saw in our Paris travelogue, jump), so we increasingly go places without a stroller. But it would be nice knowing that this one could grow with a child (even a tall one like Hudson, at the 90th percentile for height) for a few more years—especially for instances like travel abroad, when an umbrella stroller is a nice option.

It’s definitely a model I’d suggest to a friend looking for a great all-around, lightweight travel stroller that doesn’t cost an arm-and-a-leg.

Now the best news: Bumbleride is giving away one Bumbleride Flite to a lucky reader!

A Few Details on the Giveaway:

  1. You can earn entries in a multitude of ways. Just check the contest widget below and follow instructions there.
  2. Contest only open to US residents.
  3. Only requirement for entry is to visit the Bumbleride website and then leave a comment here on the blog with which color of Flite you’d like if you’re so lucky as to win.
  4. Be sure to use the widget below. It’s how I’m tracking all the entries for the giveaway (and you’ll have some additional ways earn entries!).

That’s it! Here we go! Good luck! Enter here, http://bit.ly/16hEkD7.

Philadelphia Family Magazine – Top Baby Gear + Indie Twin Giveaway! (Ends 12/15/13)

September 12th, 2013


Philadelphia Family Magazine Top Baby Gear Best Double Stroller
Best Double Stroller Bumbleride Indie Twin
Indie Twin Top Double Strollers

Win your own Indie Twin and read the full issue here, http://philafamilymag.com/strollergiveaway/.

Trekaroo.com – Bumbleride Flite: The Ultimate Lightweight Travel Stroller

September 11th, 2013


The ultimate lightweight travel stroller bumbleride flite trekaroo

Lightweight, functional, and compact are qualities I’d use to describe my idea of the perfect travel stroller. The 2013Bumbleride Flite stroller met all of my criteria and a whole lot more. With an ultra-slim fold and handy carrying strap, it’s the perfect travel companion for road trips and air travel.

I tested our Bumbleride Flite in hoards of parks, waterparks, museums, and on a road trip from Illinois to New York. It took up very little space in our mid-sized car’s trunk, leaving plenty of room for luggage. Instead of fitting it in our trunk like a jigsaw puzzle, the Flite filled in the gaps as opposed to hogging prime real estate.

Trekaroo best travel stroller trekaroo best lightweight travel stroller

What’s Great
At just 14 pounds, Flite’s features are impressive. Unlike most umbrella strollers, the backrest lays down for a snooze on-the-go and Flite’s SPF-45 UV lined canopy is extra-large for maximum sun coverage. The footrest can be adjusted to prop up tired legs allowing for a natural sleeping position.

Flite’s dual front and rear wheel suspension allows it to turn quickly and efficiently. The 5-point padded breakaway harness keeps children secure, yet comfortable. For parents, it comes with padded handles that wick away moisture. There’s even a convenient cup holder that doesn’t fall off. Hooray!

Flite’s fabric options are both gorgeous and functional. We received the vibrant Cayenne Red stroller and were impressed with how soft, durable, and moisture-absorbing the material proved to be.

Flite is a faultless stroller for all types of weather; it even stands up to wet-bottomed kids fresh out of the pool! The stroller is so comfortable that my son crawls inside it for a ride, even when we’re at home!

What impressed me the most when I opened the Flite box was all of the accessories that came standard. In addition to the great stroller you’re expecting to unpack, you’ll also receive a universal car seat adaptor, comfortable shoulder straps, and a cup holder! Additional accessories can be purchased to turn this all-in-one into a serious workhorse.

Trekaroo best travel stroller

Could Be Better:
Storage space is at a minimum, enough for a small bag beneath the stroller and a zippered compartment in the canopy to store your cell phone and keys.

Maybe it’s having a 17-month-old and being pregnant, but putting the stroller together with the difficult and darkly pictured instructions was not a simple process. What I expected to take about 5 minutes ended up being around 30 minutes. It doesn’t help that my toddler insisted on “helping” in the construction, but even without his interference, I can’t imagine it would’ve been much quicker.

Bottom Line:
In the compact stroller market, Bumbleride Flite is top of the line. I feel posh and proud to be pushing around my son as we head to the children’s museum, along the riverwalk, or through airport security. My husband even commented to me that Flite is definitely the nicest “umbrella” stroller he’s ever seen—he’s not even sure if it should fall into the same category of those lower tiered umbrella strollers with far fewer bells and whistles.

The Flite fits the needs of families with children ranging from infancy to elementary. From our traveling family to yours, this stroller will not disappoint, no matter how many miles you log.

Trekaroo best travel stroller

This complimentary product was received from Bumbleride to be reviewed by Trekaroo. I received no other compensation, and was not required to express any particular point of view.

Brandy Wilson writes more about her life and travels at http://windywilsons.blogspot.com

Full review at http://www.trekaroo.com/traveltips/tip/bumbleride-flite-the-ultimate-lightweight-travel-stroller

Gear Junkie – Rugged Indie Twin is ‘Luxury SUV’ of a Stroller

September 11th, 2013


Gear junkie indie twin luxury stroller

Getting into nature with kids can be a challenge. For years my wife and I have used “rugged” strollers to stay active beyond the pavement and onto hiking paths.

This summer we are test driving a different kind of off-road model, the Indie Twin from San Diego-based Bumbleride. Made with high-end components and unique fabrics to block sun and regulate temperature for kid passengers inside, the Indie Twin is a “luxury SUV” of a stroller.

Bumbleride Indie Twin stroller.jpg

 Indie Twin is a high-end stroller

At $730, it comes with a price tag relevant to the Lexus or BMW analogy. Indeed, you can spend $500 less and get a solid stroller.

But you will not get recycled PET nylon canopies or a bamboo-derived fabric used on the seats that “naturally absorbs moisture and regulates temperature,” as the brand guarantees.

The Indie Twin’s aluminum frame is built as solid as a bike. A svelte design offers two seats, pockets, fold-up canopies, and a basket area for gear underneath.

The stroller is made mainly of metal and cloth. There is very little plastic. It feels solid to grip its wide handle with kids inside.

Its 12-inch tube tires inflate with a bike pump and roll over almost anything in a path ahead.

Granted, this is no jog stroller. There is no hand brake, and with four wheels it’s less maneuverable than I prefer for exercising with kids.

Bumbleride Indie Twin.jpg

 Packs up amazingly small

 But I do run some with the stroller. It excels as an all-around baby pusher, from short jogs, to trail hikes, to everyday use.

This summer we have put the two-seater through some heck with our 3-year-old, an infant, and a kindergartner who hops in and out as we push ahead on a path.

Though it’s not marketed as a stroller for the outdoors, the Indie can work in the woods. We load up its gear basket under the seat and push off-road at parks or campgrounds through grass and mud.

The frame and tubed tires absorb the bumps. The wheels are wide enough to roll through sand on a trail or across stretches of a beach.

The seats recline. Huge sun canopies fold over little passengers, creating a cave under dark, moisture-wicking fabrics where a kid can sleep.

When it’s time to drive home, the Indie folds up incredibly small. Its bulk stows away via an origami-like hinged frame that shrinks the stroller to a fit-in-the-trunk 32 × 29 × 15-inch package.

Bumbleride Indie Stroller.jpg

 Marketed to a demographic concerned with “luxury”

It weighs 34 pounds. That’s acceptably light for the stroller’s size. Its capacity is 90 pounds, allowing for a couple kids and some gear to come for the ride.

Are all the niceties worth the big bucks? Bumbleride doesn’t shy from the “luxury stroller” theme — the company uses that exact term in its marketing campaign.

If you want to get a top-end ride for kids, the Indie Twin is a solid choice. It’s also not too far out of line pricewise with similar double strollers from Chariot and Bob.

You can buy any number of other models to save some serious dough. The “luxury SUV” has its perks. But no doubt for most parents and kids a common minivan-like model will do.

Full article: http://gearjunkie.com/bumbleride-indie-twin-stroller

American Baby Magazine – Best Strollers

September 11th, 2013


Indie jogging all terrain stroller best stroller

Indie jogging all terrain stroller best stroller

Outnumbered 3 to 1 – Bumbleride Indie Review

September 11th, 2013

Outnumbered 3 to 1 Bumbleride indie all terrain jogging stroller review



I am very excited to share this stroller review with you. Over the last 5 years I have bought and used several strollers from the cheap umbrella ones to the expensive high end ones and I was never fully satisfied with any of them. There are so many factors in deciding on a stroller that it can be overwhelming when you go to buy one for the first time. I feel like after spending a fortune on cheap ones and mediocre ones and even a high end expensive one that I can truthfully say that I wish I had just bought the Indie stroller to begin with.

It arrived in a box much smaller than I thought it would. I was expecting a massive package but it was smaller than my 4 year old. It did not have too many pieces to put together. I will admit that my husband was the one to put it together but he said it took 15 minutes to put together at the very most. He is one of those Dads that follows the directions thoroughly too and he said the directions were easy to follow.

All put together and one gorgeous looking stroller to look at. The fabric seems high quality and long lasting and the whole thing still feels lightweight. This is a picture of it assembled with the bumper bar. It comes with a universal car seat adapter but my youngest is way out of the bucket seat stage.

Not gonna lie this Mama needs that cup holder!!! How else would I tote around my beloved iced coffees in the afternoon! 

Here is a picture of it all folded up. Not the smallest fold for a stroller I have ever seen but still plenty small to fit into a trunk of a car.

It has three wheels so I would call it a jogging stroller although you don’t need to be a jogger to use it. The three wheel design just makes it incredibly easy to maneuver. This is a go anywhere kind of stroller! For a majority of the time I set the front wheel to swirl and turn for easy pushing. When I want the front wheel to be stationary for jogging then all you have to do is turn the pin on the front wheel.

I am a jogger that while pushing a stroller I normally go at about a 12 minute mile. I had no problem pushing this stroller and it did not feel like a 22 pound toddler was in the buggy. The front wheel stayed stationary and Lil Sis sat back and enjoyed the ride. 

To gauge the size of the stroller here is a picture of my 22 month old and my almost 5 year old sitting in it. It is a perfect fit for Lil Sis and will work for her for a long time. If Big Sis got tired and wanted to ride she definitely could but she is at the high end height wise of using it. I had no problem pushing Big Sis in it off the main road and she is almost 42 pounds. It still turned and pushed so very easily!

If you are wondering if a tall person can use this stroller comfortably I can tell you that my husband at 6’9″ uses this stroller with no problem. He does not have to lean over to use it and we can not say that about most strollers! The push bar lowers and raises to the height you want.

  • Car Seat Adapter
  • Carrycot
  • Snack Pack and
  • Footmuff & Liner 

I plan on purchasing the snack pack for it soon. I went to my local baby boutique to get it and they were all sold out of the color I needed to match my stroller. I love the looks of it. For younger babies you can buy the carrycot so even a newborn can stroll in comfort.

My favorite thing about the Bumbleride Indie is that it is just so easy to push. We have maneuvered this stroller through theme parks, science centers, my neighborhood and walking trails. It turns so easily and feels so light to move. It really does go everywhere and is perfect for a family on the move. I also am in love with the color I received but they also offer several more colors over on their website that are great neutral colors for boys or girls. I know when I am using this stroller that I am using a quality brand because it feels like high quality. Maybe one day in the future I will have a reason to buy an indie twin so that I can push a new baby around with Lil Sis!

 Complete review at: http://www.outnumbered3-1.com/2013/08/bumbleride-indie-stroller-review.html

Finding The Right Double Stroller – Guest Blog Post – Michael Underwood and Angellica Bell

August 19th, 2013


Finding the best double stroller
Before we had our first child, I decided I would be responsible for researching and buying all the necessary baby products and nursery furniture.  The first thing I sorted out was a buggy and I had no idea how many different varieties there were on the market. Anyway, after some extensive research and road testing, I finally selected the one I thought would be ideal.

Fast forward eighteen months and our second child is about to be born. I now have to venture into the world of the double buggy. At first, I was disappointed with the choice there was available, but one thing I knew for sure was I didn’t want one where the baby is seated underneath the older child. I understand this keeps the buggy narrow, but it just looks like you’re putting your baby in the shopping storage area. Taking this into account it meant I was looking for a side by side design. Some of them are way too big and would involve having to buy a new car just to fit in the boot. I was struggling to make a decision, as nothing seemed right.

A week or so later, my wife and I attended the Baby Show in London and this was the first time we saw the Bumbleride’s Indie Twin buggy. It caught my eye because it looked great; stylish, colourful and a decent size. I went straight over to the demo model, strapped my son into it and pushed it around the exhibition hall. It was sturdy without being too heavy, easy to manoeuvre and a comfortable ride. Also, as a dad, I didn’t feel self-conscious pushing it around because it’s easily one of the coolest buggies available. After that short demo my mind was made up and I got in touch with the company and got one on order.

When it arrived I immediately put it together in the front room and put my son into it. We were a couple of weeks away from the arrival of our second child, but I wanted to test drive it straightaway. I then panicked because I was convinced it wouldn’t fit through the doors in my house. I needn’t have worried as it fitted through perfectly, something that wouldn’t have happened with other double buggies. I couldn’t have been happier and my son loved riding around in it too. The real test will come when our daughter finally arrives.

Finding the best twin stroller

Mom.me – Top 10 Strollers – How to pick the best stroller for you and your babe

August 6th, 2013


Top 10 strollers bumbleride indie all terrain jogging stroller
Top 10 jogging all terrain strollers

Parents of a new baby are faced with a number of decisions, not the least of which is deciding on the best and safest products for their baby. Strollers rank high on the list of necessary items because parents often use them when they’re out and about with their child. To help you choose a stroller, Hollie Schultz, founder and CEO of BabyGizmo.com, shares her insights on some of the top strollers available today.


Women’s Adventure Magazine – Stroller Smackdown: BOB Revolution SE Versus Bumbleride Indie

July 16th, 2013


Women's Adventure magazine Bob Revolution vs. Bumbleride Indie Jogging Stroller All Terrain

Stroller Smackdown: BOB Revolution SE Versus Bumbleride Indie

By  on July 16, 2013

By Zoe Wedel

I thought I had found the holy grail of strollers with the BOB Revolution SE. However, I have to admit that my “faith” was tested when Women’s Adventure gave me the Bumbleride Indie to review. In the past month, I’ve really gotten to know the Indie, and I like it. So now I’m not sure what to do. Which should I keep? Here’s a side by side comparison of the two strollers so you can make the hard decision for yourself.

stroller for facebook

Let’s face it. These two urban, all-terrain vehicles are similar in more ways than one. Aside from the basic form (three wheels, not four), the way the two strollers open and collapse is almost identical. Both have a locking front wheel and tires that have to be regularly inflated using a bicycle pump. Both have large canopies to cover your precious cargo from the sun.

The Indie feels like a luxury cross-over SUV, while the Revolution SE is more like a rugged Jeep Wrangler. In my opinion, the Indie triumphs over the Revolution SE in a number of areas: weight, footprint, infant comfort, storage, and very important–curb appeal. The Indie weighs in at 20 pounds, five pounds lighter than the Revolution, which makes it easier for me to get it in and out of the car. It also feels more compact, in part due to smaller dimensions, but also because of the shape of the canopy. The Indie’s canopy is rounded whereas the Revolution’s is boxy.

With a super padded seat that can be adjusted to support his legs and feet, my 6-month old is more comfy in the Indie (as long as we’re just pounding pavement). When he’s in the Revolution, his short legs tend to stick straight out over the edge of the seat. Another bonus is that my little one stays asleep longer in the Indie after we’re finished with our walk.

Important for grocery and beer runs is storage. The Indie also does better in this category. The storage capacity of the two strollers may be similar, but good luck getting anything as big as a carton of juice in the Revolution. The Indie’s storage is much easier to access and therefore more shopping-friendly. And last but not least, the Indie just looks better. It’s got nicer lines and a better selection of bright, appealing colors. One passerby actually told me that she thought my Green Papyrus Indie looked “happy.” The dark, muted Revolution SE colors, on the other hand, are a snooze fest.

So what about the BOB? With its big back wheels and awesome shocks, the Revolution SE is, hands-down, better for more serious running and for trails.

Long story short, if you are a casual road runner, running a 10+ min mile, a couple times a week, the Bumbleride Indie is a sleek alternative to the Bob Revolution SE. As for which I plan to keep–we’ll see. If only I had the space for both!

Zoe lives in Boulder, CO and is a full-time baby mama, part-time business analyst and would be triathlete. Her passions include the Russian language, swimming, and local grassroots conservation (check out rareconservation.org where Zoe used to work to learn about a really innovative environmental non-profit).  

Full article here: http://www.womensadventuremagazine.com/gear/jogging-stroller-smackdown-bob-revolution-se-vs-bumbleride-indie/

Canadian Family Magazine – Best Lighweight Stroller Picks

July 8th, 2013

Canadian Family Best Lightweight Stroller Bumbleride Indie
Canadian Family Best Lightweight Stroller Bumbleride Indie
Canadian Family Best Lightweight Stroller Bumbleride Indie