The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore iPad App

July 18th, 2011

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore iPad App Trailer from Moonbot Studios on Vimeo.

We were intrigued by “The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore,” a wonderfully innovative and successful iPad application for children that sparks their curiosity, and lets them play, without just jabbing buttons. John Pavlus of, a writer and filmmaker, reviewed the app as “a well-written bedtime story and an immersive animated movie at once — without being ‘too much’ of either.” You can buy the app in the itunes App Store for $4.99

Ella Jenkins

July 15th, 2011

Ella Jenkins, Children’s Music Pioneer from Chicago News Cooperative on Vimeo.

Ella Jenkins, a national treasure and octogenarian sits down with kids and chats about her own life and history, while singing folk, blues, and spiritual tunes. Take a sneak peak of her in action as she interacts with children. You and your tykes might enjoy her new album, “A Life of Song.”

“A Life of Song” is available on Amazon here.

Wave Garden

June 24th, 2011

Kids at Wavegarden from wavegarden on Vimeo.

Wave Garden is a pretty interesting concept born out of the idea of the skate park.  In 2005 engineer Josema Odriozola and economist Karin Frisch wanted to combine two of their favorite things: surfing and building skate parks.  Have a look at these little tykes catching some waves!

To learn more about Wave Garden, visit their site:

Storycorps – Kay Wang

May 6th, 2011

No More Questions! from StoryCorps on Vimeo.

Storycorps is always a good place to connect with the human heart. With mothers on our minds, we wanted to share this animated short of strong-willed mother and grandmother, Kay Wang who will make you laugh and reflect on the love of family.

No More Questions! from StoryCorps on Vimeo.

Karl Johnson

April 29th, 2011

Karl Johnson’s art reminds us of the silhouette artists on the streets of Paris. What a beautiful way to remember little faces.

The Cardboard Surfboard

April 13th, 2011

Bringing a new life to cardboard. Check out this video of Scott MacDonough creating a surfboard out of some not-so-loved trash.

THE CARDBOARD from Scott Mac Donough on Vimeo.

Until Then

April 5th, 2011

Until Then is dedicated to raising the issues of street children all over the world. We were recently introduced to them and their work with Siempre, a childrens home in Tijuana, Mexico. Their story is powerful and their hearts are big. Visit and see how you can help.

Marimekko & Converse

March 9th, 2011

Two of our favorite companies join forces. Have a look at this interesting video which documents the beginning of Marimekko, a Finnish fabric company started in 1951 and their new partnership with an American classic.

February 28th, 2011


We recently found one of or new favorite sites, It is a virtual pin board where you can keep collections of things you love, from favorite baby products to recipes and fashion. Now you can organize all your favorite things on one page, because none of us want to waste anymore time looking for that one thing we saw and loved.

It’s also great for inspiration of any kind, because you can follow other members who you think have great taste. We love all the inspirational pictures of babies nurseries and kids rooms. Go to and start pinning.

The Business of Being Born

February 17th, 2011

“Nothing compares to the privilege of giving life and the responsibility of that.” -Nadine Goodman

The Business of Being Born is a documentary on childbirth in the United States and the current trends in maternity care. Compelled to explore the subject after the delivery of her first child, actress Ricki Lake recruits filmmaker Abby Epstein to question the way American women have babies.

“Today what we have to rediscover is how easy birth can be when we don’t try to make things too complicated.” -Dr. Michel Odent

This film shows intimate birth stories mixed with historical, political and scientific insights and statistics about the current maternity care system.